Margarita + Phillip | Wedding Videography Gone Wild!

A wedding at the Zoo? Of course, there’s a logical explanation. You see one fine day, not long after their courtship began, Margarita and Phillip decided to play hooky. They ditched their responsibilities for the day, and had a rendezvous at the SF Zoo. They whiled away the day together, amidst giraffes, monkeys, exotic birds and cotton candy vendors. Apparently, this day was so perfect that after Phillip popped the question, they decided that the Zoo would be the natural place for their nuptials. So, that’s how the SashaKino team ended up in the wildest part of San Francisco, on a chilly fall evening. Well, this couple had it all figured out. I’ve rarely seen guests be so astounded. Margarita and Phillip were beaming as they became husband and wife with the guests before them, and the zebras behind them. After the ceremony, they absconded to feed the giraffes, and then the party raged at the zoo’s Great Hall, carried by great tunes from Joel Abramson’s band. Many kind words were said about the couple – almost every speaker mentioned what kind people they are. Not surprise then, that they chose this place. The staff at the Zoo were¬†amazing. They worked so hard to make sure that the guests (and the vendors) were completely taken care of.¬†Like I always say: every wedding has its own story, and I’m quite sure you’ll enjoy this one.

Here’s what Margarita and Phillip had to say about the film:

‘We were laughing so hard when we saw this! We loved it:) Thank you:)’