Masha + Misha | ‘The Honeymoon’ Engagement Film

Planning a wedding is one of the first great adventures as a couple, and it’s no secret that selecting a honeymoon destination is one of the biggest rewards. Masha and Misha did a clever thing by asking their friends to contribute to their ‘honeymoon fund’ in lieu of a wedding registry. Then, all that was left to do was to decide on the destination. Masha is an attorney, and Misha is completing a Ph.D. in Political Science. A healthy debate was sure to ensue. In steps SashaKino, to capture that debate with artistic flair, and bring it back to the generous guests in the form of a film. There’s no question that Masha and Misha’s wedding attendees were quite delighted to see that their gifts were put to good use. The film is authentically Masha and Misha. We collaborated on the script, and then shot the film in just one day at their home in the Peninsula, a horse ranch in Pacifica, and several locations in San Francisco. They were a joy to work with, and quite the natural actors. We also had great help for this film from our good friend, Igor, who masterfully played his part, as well as invaluable assistance from the restaurant folk in Belden Place. So where did they decide to go on their honeymoon? Watch the film and find out.

Anna + Nathan | ‘NYC’ Engagement Film

With just a couple of weeks before the wedding day, most couples don’t have a moment to spare, but Anna and Nathan, with just two weeks to go, dedicated an entire weekend to filming around New York City. They were not only the talent in this film – they were also gracious hosts and knowledgeable tour guides. We covered some serious mileage around Manhattan, and I returned to San Francisco to finish a cut of the film in time for their wedding. It was really an amazing experience, and all of the people we met along throughout the production totally opened up to us and shared their perspectives about connecting and finding love in NYC. New York is an incredible place, and Anna and Nathan are an incredible couple. She’s completing a Ph.D. in Art History, and Nathan is a musician and a conductor. Together they founded the Praxis Youth Leadership Orchestra, which is an innovative new path for promising young musicians to master their craft. Watch the film to meet this amazing pair.