Vika + Steve | Four Seasons Hotel Wedding

Between the setting, the opulence, the attention to detail, the choreography, and the sizzling connection between Vika and Steve, this was without a doubt one of the most memorable weddings I’ve ever documented. Vika and Steve are a cosmopolitan couple through and through: gourmands, ballroom dancers, seasoned travelers. But while the couple will likely conquer the world on their own, their wedding day was a beautiful event that not only showcased their talents, but that brought together the love and adoration of their families, and the creativity of their community. The reception brought one creative toast after another. Massive energy was released on the dance floor. The couple were worshipped, toasted, parodied, and, at more than one point in the evening, hoisted up in the air by the crowd. In size and scope, the Four Seasons Hotel provided a magnificent backdrop for the day. Supinere Floral Couture provided an avalanche of elegant floral arrangements, bouquets and centerpieces. Miracle Chuppahs erected a sparkling, glowing canopy that could have easily adorned a biblical temple. Svetlana of Miracle Events brought it all together, and, fortunately, our Sasha Kino team was there to capture it all!