Mariel + Jon | Outer Banks North Carolina Wedding

On this day of the winter solstice, I am proud to present the wedding of Mariel and Jon, whose ceremony took place on the day of the fall equinox. Mariel and Jon invited their clans to join them in the Outer Banks (OBX), in North Carolina, and their ceremony was meant to happen on the beach, on that day of the equinox, when Nature would be in perfect balance. There was a very personal reason why the ceremony would have to take place there, but Nature, of course, had other plans, and the entire day toggled between ominous clouds, sunshine and rain. The decision to do the ceremony on the beach was a brave last-minute call, but I think that the universe, at that moment, respected the couple’s audacity, and withheld rain for the duration of the ceremony. Mariel and Jon’s connection was so strong, the energy of their community was so intent, so focused, that the ceremony evoked every ounce of emotion from those present, including myself. After the deed was done, the guests retreated to the beach house from the sudden rainstorm which followed almost immediately. The experience of documenting Mariel and Jon’s wedding day, and the experience of having to re-live it while making this film was intensely spiritual and meaningful for me. One thing I’ve realized this year, is that it seems I’m unable to detach, to distance myself as an observer. Mariel and Jon invited me to North Carolina and gave me the opportunity to be a part of their day, perhaps because they already sensed this in my work. I am honored to create this memory for them. Mariel and Jon saw the film and said:

“Excellent work Sasha! Thank you for making such a beautiful piece.”