Marina + Eugene | Palace Hotel Wedding

Marina and Eugene chose the historic Palace Hotel to host their elegant wedding. A beautiful Chuppah by Miracle Chuppahs adorned the Sunset Court, where the ceremony was held, and the guests held their breath as Marina was escorted down the aisle by her parents. I watched Eugene through the lens of my camera. He was completely fixated on his bride. As the couple stepped up onto the chuppah, Cantor Martin Feldman filled the court with his singing and chanting. He spoke meaningful words from Jewish tradition, and personal words about the couple. While the mood of the ceremony was reverent and joyful, the party really got into full swing once the guests flooded into the gorgeous Garden Court. Between mouthwatering dishes served up by Beli Deli, and rockin’ dance sets by Dima Greenberg and his band, friends upon friends took the microphone and delivered their wishes to the bride and groom. These toasts came in all forms – as songs, as poems, as prose, as games. Later in the evening, a friend of the couple, George Komsky, took the stage and delivered an incredible operatic performance, dedicated to Marina and Eugene. It was at that moment, as the aria rang through the vast atrium of the hotel, that the vision for this wedding film came together in my mind. I provided the photography for Marina and Eugene’s wedding as well, and you can read more about the wedding in that post. But for the moment, please enjoy this Marina and Eugene’s wedding highlight film, and let it be a window into that beautiful night.

Sasha + Evgeny | Palace Hotel Wedding

San Francisco is, relatively speaking, a young city, since most buildings were reconstructed after the great 1906 earthquake. And yet, to think of it another way, over 100 years – five generations – have elapsed since the landmark Palace Hotel once again stood above Market Street. When it first opened its doors, horse-drawn carriages still ruled the boulevard below! This setting, which grounds our young San Francisco with its old-world opulence, was the perfect choice for Sasha and Evgeny’s wedding, where youthful energy and beauty blended with timeless Jewish and Russian tradition. Sasha and Evgeny carefully hand-picked the right set of vendors to make their vision of the day come to life, and Inna from Any Occasion Event Planning brought it all together. SF Capitol Limos and Nationwide Limousine together comprised the fleet of autos that ferried the bride, groom and their entourage around town. Supinere Floral Couture and 1st Class Linen Productions beautifully adorned the Sunset Court for the ceremony. When Sasha first walked in to appraise the space, she looked around and proclaimed: “It’s Heaven!”  After she walked down the rose petal-covered aisle, she stood together with Evgeny under the beautiful chuppah (created by artist Carol Attia) where Cantor Feldman presided over a personal and meaningful Jewish ceremony. The Gold Ballroom played host to the extravagant reception, where tables were stocked with a cornucopia of Russian food by Beli Deli. The cake, crafted by Palace’s in-house bakers, towered above the celebration. Regina’s All Stars Band and talented performers lit up the sparkling dance floor. In this grand setting, for this one incredible day, Sasha and Evgeny brought their two worlds together. 200 guests came to celebrate the couple’s marriage, offering songs, poems and eloquent speeches well into the night. Here’s what Sasha and Evgeny said after seeing the film:

“We are so excited about the video and the memories we will now have forever. You really did mean it when you said that you capture the feel of the wedding. We couldn’t have imagined a more perfect highlight video with so many great moments rolled into it. The music you chose and the toasts in the background also added so much to it. It has such a great cinematic quality to it that it feels like we’re watching a movie. Every time I watch it, it brings tears to my eyes. Thank you so much!”