Andy + Jen | Wedding at Casa de Flores

Andy and Jen’s wedding was truly magical. They were married at an intimate place in Sebastopol (near Sonoma) called Casa de Flores. The most positive energy was flowing from the space, from the guests, and most of all, from Andy and Jen themselves. The ceremony was conducted by close friend Tom Kramer, and was overflowing with joy and tears, profound words, singing, and perfect music. It was impossible not to get swept up in the waves of emotion. There was plenty of laughter as well, most memorably while the couple cut into their wedding cake (a gift from a friend). Ultimately, every wedding has its own unique energy. Here’s what Andy had to say when he saw the film for the first time:

“No words I could come up with can do justice to how well this is put together.  It is so rare to give something that will touch the recipient forever, and you have succeeded.  It is the catalyst I’ve been longing for to bring me back to the feeling of that day (me sobbing at my desk just now is a good testament to just how well it worked), and now we can show our loved ones who could not be there just how the day felt with full authenticity.  That’s it, really – you have authentically captured the emotion of the day.  No small feat.”

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