Chez + Craig | Garre Vineyard, Martinelli Event Center Wedding

Chez and Craig have an easy, relaxed energy about them, and obvious chemistry between them. I felt it right away when I first met them to shoot their engagement session at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. That fun, random, sun-soaked afternoon was a perfect predictor of what the wedding day would be like. Right from the start, there was an easy flow to the day, and their ceremony, conducted by a close friend, was one of the most personal I’ve had the privilege of witnessing. Parents were beaming, and both families were obviously thrilled to be united on this day. Cold beer flowed freely during the cocktail hour, which helped guests stave off the heat. The sun glinted off the cobblestones and reflected off the khaki walls of the Martinelli courtyard, creating some very fascinating ‘natural’ visual effects. At one moment, the sun bounced into the reception room through the open doors, illuminating only Chez and Craig as they at the head table. Needless to say, the wedding photographs at Martinelli Event Center were super fun. As the day cooled into evening, and the reception got underway, the wedding turned into one huge party. Hats of all kinds, peacock feathers and funky glasses were suddenly abundant. The energy could not be contained, and the dance floor spilled out into the greater reception hall. In the middle of this maelstrom, Chez, her arms adorned with glowsticks, and Craig, in pirate headgear, swayed and bounced contentedly to the beat. Love and authenticity ruled the day. Chez and Craig saw the film and said:

“Thank you! It’s amazing! So glad Dave was caught on camera dancing.”

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