Maryam + Christian | San Francisco City Hall Wedding

Maryam and Christian traveled all the way from Germany in order to celebrate their wedding with family here in San Francisco. It was a chilly, foggy day. On days like this, San Francisco can seem aloof and unwelcoming. Fortunately, Maryam and Christian were received into the open arms of family. Inside City Hall,  all stood united as Reverend Andreas Pielhoop artfully officiated a lovely ceremony. Afterwards, the couple triumphantly exited SF City Hall into a salute of bubbles, and boarded the cable car, bound for the twilight at the Golden Gate Bridge. This video is an experiment for me. I think it proves that the incantation, the cadence of a wedding ceremony could very well be universal. The act of committing to one another before your community demands a certain order, certain traditions, certain meaningful words and glances. I hope you’ll agree. Congratulations Maryam and Christian! All the best in your new life together.

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